Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Studded Pumps. How to match them...

Well, I'm honored to present you my new purchase! These studded pumps just blew my mind away. It was love at first sight and just for you to know, I got them for a REALLY low price. So, some people wonder how the hell can you match this type of shoes.We've got some ideas that may interest you! Hope you'll like it...

Let's get started: 

A) As you may understand, this type of shoes are really difficult to match to a day outfit! We can only suggest Kim Kardashian's way which might be a little risky if it's not your style at all! 

B) Evening outfits are definately more suitable and will set off the pumps. A white dress will never let you down but even if it's patterned, it will make you look edgy and stylish at the same time

C) And last but not least, you should not forget the number one combination. Total black look! careful, total black looks are pretty odd in the middle of the day.

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