Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How To Spot Fake Juicy Couture Items

This is a basic guide to help you spot fake Juicy Couture clothing. If you're paying for Juicy clothes then you definitely want them to be authentic!

All Juicy Couture Clothing tags are color coded according to size:

X Large - Light Blue
Large - Green
Medium - Beige
Small - Orange
Petite (X Small) - Pink

This is the easiest way to spot a fake. Most fake tags are orange. New Juicy tags will have a TM at the end of the scroll on the right side. New Juicy tags will have a (R) in the scroll after “JUICY COUTURE.”

A Note on Juicy Sizing:

Juicy generally runs small. The sizing charts for the sweat pants are pretty accurate:

X Large - 14
Large – 10 / 12
Medium – 6 / 8
Small – 2 / 4
Petite (X Small) – 0

The hoodies once again, run small, and are cut/designed for tall, slim frame. If you have any semblance of curves, you’ll generally need to buy larger sizes. Case and point: I’m a small in most women’s tops, but I’m an XL/L in Juicy hoodies. If you are having trouble finding a larger size, try Juicy’s maternity, where the sizes start out much bigger.

Brand New With Tags:

Juicy tags are GOLD (Well, you could even say they’re a metallic-y yellow), but not matte yellow. Most fake tags are easy to spot. Keep a set of authentic tags for reference.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Armani Jeans Embossed Logo Vinyl Bags

These bags have become a must in a woman's wardrobe. They are good looking, anyone can afford buying one and they come out in various colors. You can carry them during day and night. The vinyl gives them a nice shiny look that makes them irresistible! And their price starts from 136 - 185 Euros!
Have a look on the S/S 2013 colours Armani Jeans released!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Look Of The Day

For this Friday morning chose to wear a pair of white skinny jeans with a logo T-shirt and a shirt. Loafers or ballerina shoes are the perfect choice for this casual, yet elegant, look. 


GUCCI (black plastic frame and grey shaded lens)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

S/S Colour Trend: Yellow

Canary Yellow - This bright yellow is definitely more challenging to wear confidently, but women with pale and dark skin tones will rock this hue. For those who are still a little hesitant, start small with a skinny belt or bag; it'll still make a big impact!

Tattoos shift from rebellion to fashion


The word tattoo came from the Tahitian term "Tatua" which means "to mark." Different practices of tattoo art have been experienced for centuries by many different cultures all over the world.  The first tattoo is said to be documented by the Egyptians in 4000 B.C.  The Japanese began tattooing around in 500 B.C.  The art of tattooing began in America by immigrants in the early 1800s.  Martin Hildebrandt, a German immigrant, was the first professional tattooist in the United States.  Every single tattoo was done by hand with a long needle.  In 1891, the first electric tattoo machine was invented.  This made life a lot easier.  Samuel O'reilly had the first documented tattoo parlor to open in New York City. 
       Tattoos had been used for many different ways for individuals to express themselves such as religion, feelings, and style.  They even used tattoos to punish the criminals.
Years ago, tattoos were considered to be a symbol of rebellion and only specific groups of people used to get inked. They were finger pointed by an extremely conservative society. Nowadays things have changed. The art of tattooing is growing everyday.  It is a form of art that was once looked down upon and very rare; and today growing into something popular and more common into today's society.  I believe it is a way to show someone who you are without speaking. The future of tattoos will be accepted no matter what your profession may be.                         
       According to statistics, in 2011 every 4th person in the USA has at least one tattoo.  In a rating ‘Top 100 Sexiest Women Alive’ 38 have at least one permanent tattoo and 3 have temporary tattoos.
     Freja Beha, pictured below, is a runway and campaign model for HUGO, Chanel and many other fashion houses.  Freja Beha has 16 tattoos, most of which are all small but are visible when you are looking at her.  Looking at the picture, you cannot see any tattoos..showing the viewers that she has a clean and postive image.  Beha has 16 tattoos and but yet when being professional you cannot see one.  In this situation, the makeup artist did a excellent job with makeup as well as posing her so you cannot see any of her tattoos; makeup does wonders nowdays.  Tattoos are sometimes deceiving in certain industries, but they can always be covered up - whether it is with makeup, clothing, or even with another tattoo.    
     On the other hand, there are many labels who use tattoos to promote their brand.  A great example of a label who uses tattoos to promote their brand is Don Ed Hardy.  Don Ed Hardy is best known for his tattoo work.  All of his clothing have tattoo designs on them.  Some of the long sleeve shirts has an appreance of tattooed sleeves, so individuals who do not have tattoos on their arms can dress to make it look they have tattooed sleeves.  Buckle brand, Affliction, and Pacific Sunwear brand all use tattooed models to promote their brand as well.   

Freja Beha Erichsen


The Most Extraordinary Clutch Bags Of S/S 2013

I searched and found the most extraordinary/weird looking clutches of the S/S 2013 collections and I present them to you.

- Charlotte Olympia Toucan suede and leather clutch

- Charlotte Olympia Croissant gold-plated clutch

- Antik Batik Banjo embellished clutch

- Jimmy Choo and Rob Pruit Cayla embellished clutch

- Dolce and Gabbana Dea raffia-tassel woven clutch

- Miu Miu Lizard-trimmed sequined clutch

- Olympia Le-Tan  Caviar Parisian embroidered clutch