Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bring spring in your closet

Spring is the most colourful season of the year. Along with the warmer days what also comes is that floral dress you saw the other day at that local store and you just can't wait to make it yours. We have always been an advocate of creating to-do lists in order to keep life interesting. So, today here is my list for this spring purchases.
  1. Buy gold sequin short pants or skirt
I'm dying to have this piece on my wardrobe and match it with a bright-coloured shirt, maybe a coral one...

      2.  Buy royal blue pointed pumps

This is one of my favorite colours and I definately want it on my feet! Just imagine this classy pumps with a pair of byofriend jeans...

   3.  Florals

I am currently craving for some fresh florals! I want floral skirts, floral pants, floral dresses and make it even more fabulous with golden accessories. 

    4. Vintage sunglasses

The ultimate accessory which can also protect us from the burning sun is a pair of sunglasses. I already bought this pair of tartaruga sunnies by Vogue but you can also play safe with a pair of Wayfarers by Ray-Ban.

   5. Collars

Collars appeared to be a must-have accessory during winter, so I thought by matching them with my spring tops, I will upgrade my style a little. 

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